August coloring pages

Last updated: July 5, 2024

Explore the beauty of August with our collection of free August coloring pages that are perfect for all ages. From back-to-school themes to sun-kissed summer scenes, these printable coloring pages are ideal for relaxing and unleashing your creativity. Download and print these coloring pages that are all free to enjoy a fun and colorful August!

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Printable August coloring pages

Begin your coloring journey by exploring the image collection below. Access each image by clicking on the print and download buttons located directly underneath. These designs are optimized for US letter paper and seamlessly fit A4 sheets as well. Happy coloring!

1. Fishing Fun

A peaceful fishing scene for young kids to color. Includes a simple dock, fishing poles, and friendly fish jumping out of the water. Easy outlines for little hands to color.

Fishing Fun

2. Butterfly Garden

A charming garden scene filled with big butterflies fluttering around colorful flowers. Simple shapes with thin black lines perfect for little ones to color. Let creativity bloom with this delightful coloring page for children aged 1-5.

Butterfly Garden

3. Sunset Sail

Get ready to bring this sailboat scene to life with your coloring skills! Sail away on calm waters with a beautiful sunset in the background. Large shapes and thin lines make it perfect for little hands to color easily.

Sunset Sail

4. Back to School Bus

Get ready for a school adventure! Color in this big school bus with cheerful students from diverse backgrounds eager to start the new school year. Let your imagination run wild with your favorite colors!

Back to School Bus

5. Fields of Lavender

A peaceful field filled with large lavender flowers in full bloom. Designed with simple shapes and thin outlines for easy coloring by children aged 1-5.

Fields of Lavender

6. Watermelon Feast

Enjoy a summer day with this coloring page! A big juicy watermelon is the main focus, with simple outlined friends surrounding it. Perfect for little ones to practice coloring!

Watermelon Feast

7. Bike Ride Adventure

Get ready for a fun bike ride through a beautiful garden! Color the winding trails and big blooming flowers in this delightful coloring page for little ones aged 1-5. Let your creativity flow!

Bike Ride Adventure

8. Camping Adventures

A fun camping coloring page for kids 1-5 featuring a campsite with tents, a crackling fire, rabbits, birds, and simple outlines for easy coloring. Plenty of space left for little ones to get creative!

Camping Adventures

9. Tropical Paradise

Let your little ones explore a tropical paradise with this coloring page featuring palm trees, coconuts, a clear sky, and a serene ocean. Simple shapes make it easy for young children to color!

Tropical Paradise

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10. Sunflower Field

A simple and charming coloring page for young children, featuring a vast sunflower field under the bright August sun. Large sunflowers outlined in thin lines with an expansive, clear sky to color.

Sunflower Field

11. Family Reunion

Get ready to color a heartwarming family reunion scene! Spread joy with diverse family members hugging and laughing. Don't forget the delicious potluck table filled with yummy dishes waiting to be colored! Happy coloring!

Family Reunion

12. Farm Harvest

Illustrate a lively farm scene for kids to color. Show plenty of ripe fruits and vegetables being harvested in the autumn. Use simple shapes with thin outlines for easy coloring. Perfect for children aged 1-5.

Farm Harvest

13. Summer Picnic

Enjoy a delightful picnic scene with this coloring page. Featuring a basket, fruits, sandwiches, and a checkered blanket, it's perfect for little ones. The simple shapes and bold lines make coloring easy and fun!

Summer Picnic

14. Beach Day

A cheerful beach coloring page for toddlers featuring big umbrellas, beach balls, and gentle waves. Simple black outlines with plenty of space for easy coloring. Perfect for tiny hands to bring the seaside to life!

Beach Day

15. Ice Cream Truck

This coloring page features a simple ice cream truck with large, easy-to-color shapes representing flavors and toppings. Perfect for children aged 1-5 for a fun coloring experience.

Ice Cream Truck

16. Barbecue Cookout

Get ready for a backyard barbecue adventure! Color in the sizzling burgers, hot dogs, and corn cobs on the grill surrounded by a gentle flame. Simple shapes perfect for young artists aged 1-5. Let the creativity sizzle!

Barbecue Cookout

17. Starlit Campfire

This coloring page depicts a cozy campfire scene under a starry night sky. Simple shapes and thin black lines make it perfect for young kids. Marshmallows roasting over the fire add a playful touch.

Starlit Campfire

18. Carnival Fun

Get ready for a fun day at the carnival! Color in the carousel, ferris wheel, game booths, and cotton candy vendor in this exciting coloring page for kids aged 1-5. Let your imagination run wild as you bring this vibrant carnival to life with your favorite colors!

Carnival Fun

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