April coloring pages

Last updated: July 5, 2024

Get ready to celebrate the arrival of spring with these delightful April coloring pages! Explore a variety of free designs that capture the essence of this vibrant month. From blooming flowers to cheerful springtime scenes, these printable coloring pages are perfect for all ages. Simply download and print your favorites to enjoy hours of creative fun. Embrace the beauty of April with our collection of charming coloring pages that are all free to download and print.

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Printable April coloring pages

Begin your coloring journey by exploring the image collection below. Access each image by clicking on the print and download buttons located directly underneath. These designs are optimized for US letter paper and seamlessly fit A4 sheets as well. Happy coloring!

1. Singing in the Rain

Let your child's imagination run wild with this joyful coloring page! Featuring a Middle-Eastern girl twirling in the rain, a South Asian boy splashing in a puddle, and a Black woman singing heartily. Simple shapes and ample space for coloring fun!

Singing in the Rain

2. Kite Flying

A delightful coloring page for young children featuring kids flying kites on a breezy April day. Simple shapes and clean lines encourage creativity and motor skill development.

Kite Flying

3. Rainy Day Fun

A coloring page of a Caucasian boy and a Black girl playing happily in the rain with oversized umbrellas. Mysterious raindrops floating in the air. Simple outlines for coloring.

Rainy Day Fun

4. Easter Egg Hunt

Get ready for an Easter egg hunt in the park! Join a Hispanic boy, a Black girl, and a South Asian boy as they search for hidden eggs amongst colorful trees and flowers. Perfect for kids aged 1-5.

Easter Egg Hunt

5. April Calendar

Introduce your little one to the concept of months with this fun coloring page featuring a simple monthly calendar. April is highlighted with easy-to-color shapes, making learning fun and interactive for ages 1-5.

April Calendar

6. Springtime Butterflies

This coloring page features big butterflies of various shapes and sizes flying around different types of flowers. The designs are simple and ideal for children aged 1-5, with wide spaces for easy coloring.

Springtime Butterflies

7. Farm Life

A delightful coloring page for toddlers featuring a springtime farm scene. Large barn, animals, fields, and trees outlined with thin lines for easy coloring. Perfect for ages 1-5.

Farm Life

8. Earth Day Celebration

A diverse group of children planting trees and flowers to celebrate Earth Day. Kids of different descents working together to care for the planet. Simple shapes with thin lines for easy coloring.

Earth Day Celebration

9. Rainbow Delight

Let your little one's imagination soar with this whimsical coloring page! Featuring a simple outline of a rainbow against a clear sky, this design is perfect for young children to practice coloring within the lines.

Rainbow Delight

10. April Morning Sunrise

Coloring page featuring a serene sunrise with a large sun close to the horizon. Sun's rays form triangles extending upward. Peaceful landscape with hills and a calm lake. Ample sky space for coloring, transitioning from night to day. Designed for children aged 1-5.

April Morning Sunrise

11. Cherry Blossom Festival

Color in a beautiful cherry blossom festival scene with large, simple shapes for little ones. The cherry blossom trees are in full bloom with plenty of blossoms to color. Perfect for ages 1-5.

Cherry Blossom Festival

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12. April Showers Bring May Flowers

A coloring page with oversized raindrops and colorful flowers in various shapes and heights. Simple black lines for easy coloring by children aged 1-5.

April Showers Bring May Flowers

13. April Vacation

Coloring page featuring diverse families on vacation. Families depicted are Caucasian, Hispanic, Black, Middle-Eastern, and South Asian. Some are flying kites, having a picnic, or building sandcastles. Clear outlines for easy coloring. Great for kids aged 1-5.

April Vacation

14. Baby Animals

Coloring page filled with cute baby animals (ducklings, rabbits, fawn) playing in a springtime scene. Includes budding trees, blooming flowers, and a bright sun. Thick black outlines and lots of space for easy coloring.

Baby Animals

15. Springtime Picnic

A delightful picnic scene for young kids to color! Simple shapes featuring sandwiches, fruits, and drinks set in a park. Thin black lines with ample space for easy coloring. Perfect for ages 1-5.

Springtime Picnic

16. Meditation in Nature

Enjoy coloring a peaceful scene with a South Asian woman meditating surrounded by lush trees and blooming flowers. Let your imagination bloom with colors!

Meditation in Nature

17. Gardening Time

This coloring page features a diverse group of people planting seeds in a garden. Simple shapes and thick black lines make it perfect for children aged 1-5 to color. Characters include a black man and a Hispanic woman.

Gardening Time

18. Fishing by the Lake

A serene coloring page for ages 1-5, featuring people of diverse descents fishing by a peaceful lake. Blooming trees add a touch of spring, with simple shapes and thin lines for easy coloring.

Fishing by the Lake

19. Spring Flowers

A delightful garden coloring page for young children featuring big, simple flower shapes outlined in thin black lines for easy coloring. Each flower has distinct sections ready to be filled with bright colors.

Spring Flowers

20. Springtime Bunnies

Adorable coloring page with cute bunnies hopping in a meadow. Large basic shapes outlined by slim black lines, perfect for little hands to color.

Springtime Bunnies

21. April Birthdays

An adorable birthday party scene for little ones! Geometrical shapes create cakes, balloons, and gifts. Perfect for April celebrations.

April Birthdays

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