Rat coloring pages

Last updated: June 27, 2024

Explore a charming collection of free rat coloring pages that are perfect for all ages. From cute and cuddly rats to intricate designs, these printable coloring pages offer hours of creative fun. Simply download and print your favorite rat designs to enjoy coloring anytime. Let your imagination run wild with these adorable rat illustrations that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Rat coloring pages feature image

Printable Rat coloring pages

Begin your coloring journey by exploring the image collection below. Access each image by clicking on the print and download buttons located directly underneath. These designs are optimized for US letter paper and seamlessly fit A4 sheets as well. Happy coloring!

1. Rat Superhero

Get ready for a coloring adventure with a superhero rat! This cute rat character is wearing a cape and has an engaging expression, perfect for young children aged 1-5 to color. The design features clean, thin black lines on a white background, with simple shapes for easy coloring fun.

Rat Superhero

2. Rat Friends

A heartwarming coloring page with two small rats in a sweet gesture of friendship. One rat is whispering to the other, or they could be sharing a piece of cheese. Simple lines and large shapes make it perfect for young children.

Rat Friends

3. Rat Fashion Show

Delightful coloring page with cute, large rats walking down a runway. Simple shapes outlined in thin black lines perfect for easy coloring by young children. No text included for a fun and engaging coloring experience.

Rat Fashion Show

4. Magical Rat Castle

Get ready for a magical coloring adventure with this whimsical rat's enchanted castle in the clouds! Large, easy-to-color shapes make this page perfect for little ones aged 1-5 to bring the scene to life with their favorite colors.

Magical Rat Castle

5. Rat Birthday Party

Celebrate a joyous rat birthday party with this coloring page! Join the happy rat, birthday cake, balloons, and party hats in a fun and easy-to-color scene for kids aged 1-5.

Rat Birthday Party

6. Rat Explorer

Join the brave rat on an adventure in the jungle! Color in the tall trees, exotic plants, and fluffy bushes surrounding the determined little explorer. Let your imagination run wild as you bring this scene to life with your colors!

Rat Explorer

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7. Winter Rat Fun

Get ready to color in some playful rats enjoying the winter snow! Fun and simple shapes make it easy for young kids to color. Add snowflakes, snowmen, and trees for a festive touch.

Winter Rat Fun

8. Cute Rat Family

Coloring page: A cute family of rats enjoying a picnic in the park. Simple, large shapes for easy coloring. Include trees, grass, picnic blanket, cheese, fruits, and happy rats. No text for pure coloring fun.

Cute Rat Family

9. Rat Chef

Get ready to color a cheerful rat cooking in the kitchen! Simple shapes and big outlines make this page perfect for young artists aged 1-5. Enjoy coloring big, easy-to-recognize kitchen utensils and appliances in this whimsical setting.

Rat Chef

10. Rat Artist

Get ready to color a rat artist! This cute rat with oversized ears and whiskers is painting a beautiful masterpiece on a tiny easel. Let your imagination run wild as you bring this creative scene to life with colors.

Rat Artist

11. Rat in the Garden

A coloring page for ages 1-5: A friendly rat in a whimsical garden filled with simple-shaped flowers, trees, and plants. Perfect for easy coloring and sparking young imaginations.

Rat in the Garden

12. Rat in Space

A whimsical astronaut rat exploring the cosmos with cute planets and stars. Perfect for kids aged 1-5 with large and simple shapes for easy coloring.

Rat in Space

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